Thank you for choosing Bivens Orthodontics, we always look forward to welcoming new patients! Your first consultation appointment is always complimentary and will last about an hour. You will be meeting with Dr. Bivens and one of our friendly treatment coordinators during this visit. We will be taking digital images and x-rays and Dr. Bivens will evaluate those records and discuss the best treatment options for you. If treatment is recommended, this information will be used to create your customized treatment plan. We know how valuable your time is so if you are ready to begin treatment, we can often get started the same day as your consultation visit.

Dr. Bivens and the team are here to answer all of your questions & believe that it's important to explain to every patient how we will reach the final result. We recommend that all people involved in the decision-making process come to the initial appointment. We encourage you to bring any questions that you may have to your appointment, here are some that we take the time to explain:

  • Is orthodontic treatment recommended now? Would it be beneficial to delay treatment while we wait for tooth eruption, growth, or other factors that could impact treatment?
  • What treatment options are available to correct the issue?
  • Are there any pre-treatment concerns we may need to address prior to starting?
  • How long will it take?
  • How often will I need to come to the office for an appointment?
  • How much will it cost? Are there any insurance benefits to take advantage of?
  • What flexible payment options are available?

If you aren't quite ready for treatment, you'll be placed in our observation program and Dr. Bivens will see you every 6 to 12 months at no cost to ensure that we start treatment at the right time!